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Film is politics

23. May is the UN deadline for a halt in Iran's uranium extraction. I see big politics behind the Hollywood movie 300.


[Tehran, Iran] Iranian culture is retrospective for several reasons. Most Iranians are very proud of their three thousand year old history – not only the pre-Islamic part of history, but also the Muslim one. But the Hollywood movie 300 attacks this Iranian mindset.

300 reconstructs the battle between Spartans and Persian-led forces at Thermopylae, in the year 480 BC. The film was released in the United States on March 9 – at a time when the Iranian and US governments were in the middle of their archaic conflict over the nuclear issue, when there was a crisis in Iraq at the four-year anniversary of the invasion, and when Iranian diplomats had been captured in Iraq .

In such a situation, 300 condemnations provoked from both the Iranian president, the foreign minister, the Iranian art academy and from the priests during the Friday prayer. Many also condemned an Iranian dubber who voted for parts of 300, which were shown on a critical program. . .

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