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Think carefully before choosing to work as a teacher. It is not you who pays the price if you do not go.


[18. August 2006] When students at the country's schools troop up to the first hour on Monday, there is one thing that can go horribly wrong. They can get a bad teacher. Unfortunately, there are many of them. Both young and old bad teachers should find something else to do – for the sake of the growing family.

There are probably no more bad teachers than bad carpenters, but the consequences are much greater. Poor craftsmanship in a garage can be repaired. A bad teacher can take the life of a desire to learn, creativity and self-confidence during one school year. While the carpenter gets a bad reputation and is less paid, bad teachers with good dismissal protection stay at the catheter – to the great despair of the students.

Ny Tid has previously reviewed this year's textbooks in social studies for upper secondary school. But even more important is the character of the teacher.

Everyone who has attended school knows what this is all about. The difference between the math lesson with Iversen and the natural science lesson with Holm was like night and day. Both were twisted, but Holm could conjure. Holm conjured up black, penis-like growths of a test tube. Iversen removed all the magic from algebra and demanded that the students understand it only.

Teacher leaders should think carefully before choosing to work with people. Not everyone fits it. The teacher's school is also not a warming room for students with a lack of future plans and hopes for long vacations. Being a teacher involves a huge responsibility for the children of others.

But it is not just the teachers themselves who have to take responsibility. Teacher schools have to make a more brutal exit. The most important thing, in fact, is not how much the teacher student learns, but what they can learn. The politicians are so concerned with the math character that they forget the characterless practical pedagogy. The principals also have to deal with the unpleasant staff cases, rather than being silent witnesses to powerless teachers and angry students destroying each other in the classroom.

An unskilled teacher with a brilliant teaching talent, and great enthusiasm, can sometimes be the best choice. Such can work miracles all around Norwegian schools.

The politicians can adopt reforms and school packages until things go awry, but the teacher is still the same. Ultimately, it is the learning environment that the staff can create that determines the quality of the school.

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