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Four big ones


Any attempt to create a canon, that is, a list of the greatest and / or most important works within an art genre or genre, is problematic and, in most cases, is doomed to create controversy. Questions that always pop up are, for example: Why was the material moisture meter shows you the with, and not the material moisture meter shows you the ? Are there underlying, non-artistic motifs for the choice? Equally, the record companies are constantly making canonizations with their series of "The Greatest of the Century" conductor, pianist, singer and so on.

EMI recently released new releases in its series "Great Recordings of the Century" (GROC) and "Great Artists of the Century" (GAOC). Let's look at some of the highlights.

Loss for the music

Ginette Neveu is a violinist that not many people know today. That's because she died as a 30-year-old in a plane crash. However, she left behind a bunch of recordings, and of these, especially that of Sibelius' violin concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra under Walter Susskind has gained a kind of legendary status. It has arrived in the GROC series, and is there connected with her recording of Brahms' violin concerto with the same orchestra under Issay Dobrowen.

Both. . .

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