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More brains and hands!

The outer right and left wings have found each other in the fear of foreign labor.


By Olaf Thommessen, deputy leader of the Left

[chronicle] The debate on labor immigration has led us to two poles. A little tabloid we can say that the right side has highlighted the need, while the left has pointed to the problems. Astonishingly little of the debate is about how we can get a labor immigration that helps both Norway and the individual worker, and without emptying poor countries of important resources.

Need more. The outer right and left have found each other in the fear of foreign labor, although the rationale is different. From the left, we hear that labor immigration from poor countries is immoral and that the purpose of imports is to get labor to the sectors that need it, without setting up wages. The Progress Party does not want more people with other cultural backgrounds in Norway, because we already have problems with integration.

The government, on the other hand, is aware that we have a large unmet need for work that cannot. . .

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