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The airplane is taking off in Europe

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee will not take part in the CIA flight case, while more and more European countries are now launching extensive investigations into the CIA's activities in Europe.

The leader of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Storting, Olav Akselsen from the Labor Party, will not address the issue of CIA aircraft at Gardermoen. He does not want to comment on the case, but instead refers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first deputy chair of the transport and communications committee, the Liberal Party's Borghild Tenden, will not comment either. Like Akselsen, she believes that this is a matter that the government must deal with. SV's member of the defense committee, Bjørn Jacobsen, tells Ny Tid that it is necessary to get to the bottom of this matter, and get clarified what these planes are doing.

- We need transparency and information, therefore it is not sustainable if it turns out that the CIA does not comply with Norwegian laws and regulations. Norway demands that the United States treat terrorist prisoners in accordance with the Geneva Convention, but the United States refuses. . .

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