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Moves May 17 train

On Spain's sunny coast, the May 17 train will be moved from the city's parade street due to terror fear.


Norwegians on the solar coast in Spain are more afraid of terror on Norwegian national day than Norwegians in Iran. In Tehran, the celebration is bigger than ever.

It turns out after Ny Tid has been in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and several embassies around the world. In the town of Fuengirola in Spain, the train has been moved from the promenade to an area by the Norwegian Seamen's Church in the town.

- This is preventive, and on behalf of the children. There are Norwegians abroad who have had unpleasant episodes due to the Muhammad cartoons, says principal at the Norwegian school, Stig Morten Eggesvik.

Eggesvik has notified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but emphasizes that they have not received any guidance from there.

- We do not make any central recommendation, it is the embassies in the individual countries that assess the situation, says information adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Frode Overland Andersen, who has not heard of others who will limit the celebration.

Both in Islamabad, Damascus, Palestine and Kuala Lumpur the celebrations take place as usual.

- We celebrate May 17 as we usually do, and this year the celebration is actually bigger than ever, Kristine Nordengen writes at the Norwegian embassy in Tehran in an e-mail to Ny Tid.

It is to be celebrated a one-week Ibsen festival, with several theatrical performances and lectures by both Norwegian and Iranian researchers.

- The Norwegian flag will be flown side by side with Iranian. Ibsen and this festival have received wide media coverage in Iran, writes Nordengen.

She emphasizes that the demonstrations after the caricature drawings had little support from most people in Tehran.

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