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UN track in the distance

It was never about where in Afghanistan we should send Norwegian soldiers.


[20. October 2006] If one were to win the Afghanistan conflict with military power, the US and NATO forces are poorly small. Experts say one must double or triple the number of soldiers in Afghanistan to have any chance of hope. After decades of armed conflict, there are other things than weapons and soldiers needed to make peace in Afghanistan. The strategy of the world community has failed the Afghan people.

In the past week, the government has implemented a sweeping communication strategy around NATO's request for more Norwegian soldiers to the fighting in southern Afghanistan. SV leader Kristin Halvorsen took good care of her statements before the press-

the conference on Wednesday, where the government announced that they will not send any special forces there now.

More problematic were SP leader Åslaug Haga's statements in Dagsavisen, where she said that we can not leave the "shit jobs" to the US and the UK and only get involved in the peacekeepers. . .

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