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Feels an accomplice

- I feel complicit, says Trond Ali Linstad about his wife's recently revealed role as a double agent. In this Ny Tid interview, Lindstad says that he was tried for recruitment as a police informant in 1988.


- Well… What I have known and not known, says Trond Ali Linstad and smiles gently at us from the office chair in the doctor's office.

- The Norwegian word agent is so dramatic. More calmly we can say information retriever or participant in hidden services…

He didn't know it, her husband for 30 years, until it became public recently through the release of information from Odd Karsten Tveit's new book War & diplomacy: That his wife Karin Linstad has been an agent for the Israeli intelligence service Mossad. But maybe he wasn't completely innocent anyway.

- Do you have any idea?

- Many, many years ago, when we were young and working for Palestine, Karin came to me and asked: «If, Trond… someone on the pro-Palestinian side asked me to perform some secret services for them. What would you think of that? ” We had just read "How the steel was hardened" and were very engaged. So I said I thought it would be. . .

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