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People's Rating or P3's record collection?


Thomas Talseth is not surprisingly dissatisfied that I criticize the rating of "the best song of the time" under the auspices of Spirit and NRK P3 to give a skewed and near-sighted picture of Norwegian pop history. Instead of discussing the criticism, Talseth swirls a series of diversion maneuvers in which he concentrates on my person.

But this debate is not about my or his taste in music. Personally, I think the list of the 100 songs is a great selection of Norwegian music, and if I had managed to put together a list of my own favorites, I would probably have ended up with something that was suspiciously similar. The problem is that both I, Talseth and P3's music director Håkon Moslet are music journalists born in the early 1970s, while this award is meant to be a reader and listener poll – and not a list run by music journalists.

Spirit and P3's list of the 100 best songs is strongly characterized by the fact that it is composed of people who became musically sexually mature to the tunes of Knutsen & Ludvigsen and The Kids, was awakened by deLillos, Jokke and DumDum Boys and has since followed the Norwegian music scene with journalistic trend glasses. The list is also so strongly adapted to P3's musical profile that those who are to vote must do so with both hands tied behind their backs. Kåringa is not an attempt to find out what P3's listeners actually like, but what they prefer of the music that is already good tone on the channel.

One thing is not to list holds. . .

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