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- Folkvord shoots far above goal

RV's top candidate should read our proposal more thoroughly, says SVs Heikki Holmås.


Heikki Holmås (SV), who was one of the three SV representatives who supported the Document 8 proposal from November 2004, believes that RV's Erling Folkvord is far above target in his criticism of the proposal.

Holmås points out that there was agreement in the committee with the exception of Frp that the case about the extension from incarceration from 24 hours to 72 hours should be sent out for hearing.

- The waiting receptions were a reaction to the government's policy. We believe that it was inhumane as the government decided that all asylum seekers who had been finally rejected were thrown out of the asylum reception centers and had to fend for themselves. We wanted to make sure that everyone got a reasonable offer where they got a roof over their heads, instead of having to fend for themselves on the street. This is a proposal for a housing offer where the authorities can also have control over where people are. Most people, and I reckon that this also applies to Folkvord, believe that it is important that the authorities have control over where asylum seekers who do not have a legal residence permit in Norway are, says Heikki Holmås.

- Erling Folkvord should read our proposal better, because here are several good suggestions. The most important thing is the right to reconsider the asylum application. We want those we do not get sent back to their home country for various reasons, after a period to have their asylum application processed again. Our proposal is that the application will be taken up for new consideration after three years, says Heikki Holmås, who sees opportunities to implement several of the proposals after the election.

- SV and Sp have agreed on these issues. The Labor Party has changed some of its policy, so it may seem that we will have to do something about this.

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