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First bombs – then power sales

Israel bombed the only Gaza Strip power plant in rubbish. Now they are selling large-scale sales of their own power to the Palestinians.

On Wednesday, June 28, Israeli fighters bombed the transformers of the Gaza Power Generation Company (GPGC). The power plant, which supplied almost half of the power to the Gaza Strip's one and a half million inhabitants, has been put off for a long time. Now the Palestinians have to buy all their energy needs from Israel.

"Repairing the damaged transformers completely will take a minimum of eight months, but it can take up to two years," Jamal AbuGosh of the Palestinian Energy Authority told Ny Tid.

The humanitarian consequences of the power bombing have been great for an already tried-and-tested population. Hospitals have been darkened, food rots and the pumps that provide clean water stand. Internationally, the attack has met condemnation as a collective punishment, and the World Health Organization said that Gaza is now on the brink of a health disaster.

However, Miryam Shomrat, Israel's ambassador to Norway and Iceland, believes that the bombing was necessary for the military operations.

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