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Past diversity

- I was tired of the media's stereotypical Muslim, says college lecturer Nazneen Khan-Østrem. This week she came up with the book that tells a different story.

Journalist teacher Nazneen Khan-Östrem has been exploring Muslim environments in New York, Paris, London, Berlin and Oslo. There she met a multitude of Muslim voices that rarely resonate in our domestic press. In the book My holy war, which came out this week, she lets them speak.

- I wanted to inform about the width of the Muslims, she says in the tow southwest southwest with the cut r intact.

- I also wanted to find a confirmation of my own identity as a Muslim woman in the West. And I met like-minded people with a strong relationship with Islam. They had dropped the hijab, put on make-up and in everyday life boycotted the patriarchal structures. So I'm probably no one deviates anyway, she laughs.

Disturbing prejudice

Khan-Østrem was born in Kenya, raised in England and Flekkefjord, and her family has roots in the border area between Afghanistan and that. . .

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