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Football party from football saves

A book that almost gives me a bad conscience because I still love football.


I know of two Norwegians who also take turns playing football when explaining how society is locally and globally intertwined politically: Ingebrigt Steen Jensen and Nils Arne Eggen. Boka Football explains the world makes me think quickly about them both. And maybe especially Steen Jensen's concept: tribal culture.

Good tells

Like the two Norwegian completely saved football eccentrics, the American author Franklin Foer is a very good narrator, with a sense of detail, good research, lots of enthusiasm, enjoyable anecdotes and often a little staging of his own person – if necessary. In contrast to the mentioned Norwegian gentlemen, Foer is a journalist, and knows how a message is sold. And he knows something about the link between sports, religion, politics and power.

The book has ten chapters that try to explain the world through football glasses. In Chapter 2, for example, he writes this (we are in Glasgow, Scotland): “Football matches between teams from the same city are always the most flammable. . .

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