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From batik to store

Levi's, Nike and Bono turn ethical goods into everyday fashion. Pia Haraldsen also dresses ethically. Can shoppers save the world?


[fashion] Nydalen metro station's rugged concrete floor becomes a catwalk and bright yellow Fairtrade football becomes an accessory when Ny Tid arranges fair fashion photography. Kult meets kindly in this autumn's collections, both at the designers and in fashion chains. Slave labor is only so last year, and gone are fluttering batik robes and striped dresses we traditionally associated with fair clothing. Bono does it, Sienna Miller does it, Morten Harket and Karita Bekkemellem do it, and now jaggu fashion expert Pia Haraldsen and social geographer Karl Fredrik Tangen do it too: Dress ethically.

Haraldsen points to Tangen's pants and says something only he can hear.

- Yeah right? They are also so soft, he answers, before he returns to the role of social punishment.

- Probably full of environmentally harmful softener. That was what killed Lake Mjøsa, he grins.

But Levi's has promised us that is not the case. The group's eco-jeans, Eco, are coming. . .

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