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From both sides of the wall

"Make love, not walls" has someone written on Israel's separation wall in the occupied West Bank. The wall plays the lead in the balanced and enlightening book Mur.


Already in the preface of the book Wall The authors Nora Ingdal and Anne Hege Simonsen write the following: «This book does not deal with resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, nor is it an attempt to provide a 'balanced' or complete presentation of guilt and responsibility. Our starting point is that the wall must be understood both as a part of and a symbol of the oppression that Israel is responsible for in the occupied territories. "

Good, I think – two writers who try to have two thoughts and two wills in their heads at the same time.

A book is a book

Many who have taken a clear position in the conflicts in the Middle East also very often tend to launch solution proposals of various kinds. But if there is one thing a book can not – nor should – then it is to resolve conflicts of this type. The conflicts in the Middle East are many, and as is well known, they still live on despite tons of books on the subject. Possible books can have a fever-reducing effect on an individual level in many cases, but if there is one thing that distinguishes good books, it is that they do. . .

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