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The peacemaker Muhammad

Forget Mother Theresa, Mandela and Gandhi. Muhammad is our role model.


[Islam] A month is not a long time, but considering the insistent call, the Oslo Fjord should have long been a pool of blood. "Muslims, avenge your prophet. We sincerely and sincerely want Denmark, Norway and France to be hit hard and destroyed [...] Destroy their buildings, make the earth shake and turn them into lakes of blood. ”The statements come from Al Qaeda's sheikh Abu Yahia al-Libi , and was communicated to the world around May 12. For 35 minutes he beat the message with religious glow; Bring out the sword, and attack!

It is possible that tens of thousands of Pakistanis, Turks and Somalis are gathering troops at the time of writing, but that seems unlikely. Andeby life on Karl Johans. . .

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