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Frp – a hybrid


FRP's parliamentary leader and future party leader, Siv Jensen (SJ) is working on the question of why the FRP – under Hagen's leadership – is completely without political influence in the Storting after the election. She may have realized what Hagen has never been able to understand, that political alliances are not achieved as a result of party size or by many party supporters – familiar with marching in step with the sovereign party owner. The obviously problematic exercise for several of the party's nodding foot soldiers – the free party evaluation and party criticism – has Jensen perhaps realized that she cannot get around?

Siv Jensen starts the parliamentary period with one soaring goal

She "dreams" of establishing a bourgeois alternative with FRP participation before the parliamentary elections in 2009. To Dagsavisen she says something so obvious as that "political alliances are built between people" and that one "must start small". Furthermore, she says that this means, among other things, that "we act as decent, decent people". It is startling that such a statement in it. . .

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