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Frp – a hybrid


FRP's parliamentary leader and future party leader, Siv Jensen (SJ) is working on the question of why the FRP – under Hagen's leadership – is completely without political influence in the Storting after the election. She may have realized what Hagen has never been able to understand, that political alliances are not achieved as a result of party size or by many party supporters – familiar with marching in step with the sovereign party owner. The obviously problematic exercise for several of the party's nodding foot soldiers – the free party evaluation and party criticism – has Jensen perhaps realized that she cannot get around?

Siv Jensen starts the parliamentary period with one soaring goal

She "dreams" of establishing a bourgeois alternative with FRP participation before the parliamentary elections in 2009. To Dagsavisen she says something so obvious as that "political alliances are built between people" and that one "must start small". Furthermore, she says that this means, among other things, that "we act as decent, decent people". It is startling that such a statement is served at all. Because in interaction between people, this is probably an unspoken matter of course – unless we are talking about villains. At this very point, the FRP's party owner has failed in all his politically active years.

Critical "party evaluation" does not exist

and / or has been beaten down hard and brutally with exclusion as a tool. This party chairman has been able to deport immigrants to a desert island in the Nordic Sea, characterize the Finnmarkings as lazy, go against the Finnmark Act and thus against the Sami rights, tell the voter to get more and at the same time pay less, ignore unanimous expert reports on the world's environmental problems, go in favor of duty-free quotas on alcohol products, no restrictions – while the World Health Organization (WHO) advocates the opposite. This party owner has been able (without significant opposition) to go against all law experts and against all Norwegian parliamentary practice, by proclaiming that he would remove the country's prime minister – without overthrowing the government. The FRP's "foot soldiers" have so far clearly been familiar with marching in time with a sovereign party owner.

Political alliances must be built between people

The party owner has had an idea that it is only the size of the parties that matters, and that it is therefore an insult that the FRP has not entered the heat where the other bourgeois parties are. But now that the party chairman has finished in a realpolitik context and has become vice-president of the Storting, he must behave with the dignity that the office entails.

SJ therefore has the opportunity to give the party's parliamentary representatives a basic course in decency and decency and can perhaps fulfill one of the preconditions for cooperation – that "we must act as decent, decent people". Maybe SJ has realized something when she says that "political alliances must be built between people" and that one "must start small"?

Another and even more basic premise for cooperation

is the content of the policy. At present, Frp appears as a hybrid. The party calls itself bourgeois, but is neither bourgeois nor socialist. Behind FRP's proposal to establish state funds for business activities is either a state capitalist or socialist basic view. Behind the FRP's distribution of cheap petrol and stigmatization of immigrants, populism is clear. The party's use of oil money is both populist, irresponsible and far beyond the framework within which other parties in the Storting must operate.

There is no doubt that it is Siv Jensen who has the longest way to go if her dream of a united bourgeois bloc is to become a reality.

Jarle Mathiassen, Left Member.

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