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Fear and disgust in Moscow

The parents' report of the tragedy in the Dubrovka Theater is shameful reading.


[Russia] The parents who lost their children in one of the worst terrorist acts in recent times – when 912 people were taken hostage at the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow in the autumn of 2002 – have published a separate report on what happened. The parents have had to write the report themselves. An official investigation was launched by the prosecution in Moscow, but they have tried to erase the truth, distort it to the point of absurdity and obscure the role of President Vladimir Putin. It was the president who made the fateful decision to use toxic gas.

The parents miraculously gained access to the forensic statements on 117 of the 130 killed hostages, and have now documented that 68 received no medical treatment. Among them were five children. Shock and shame are what one feels when reading the parents' report, where the doctors from the "emergency room" themselves describe what happened:

BY Nedosejkina: "Bodies were loaded into ambulances, and in the buses there were live and perished hostages." LN Susjnikova: "They carried a girl into our car ... She was in a coma. The rescue crews ordered us to take her to the resuscitation ward. We did not know where to go, so we followed the ambulance that was driving in front and came to hospital No. 53. ”

VV Fjodorov: "There were 40 victims on the bus ... Someone from the Center for Emergency Medicine in Moscow gave me ten ampoules of Naloxone."

What, then, is Naloxone, which was given to doctors by orders for injection into patients? It is the parents who are the first to tell the public that Naloxone is a drug. They rely on the experts' statements: Yes, Naloxone removes cramps in the respiratory tract caused by an opiate overdose, but the effect varies from person to person. The drug cannot be given to children, and wrongful dosing results in death.

Moscowite Vladimir Kurbatov lost his fourteen-year-old daughter Kristina in the Dubrovka tragedy. Now he is sure that the aim of the government's operation was to liquidate the terrorists, not to release the hostages. In the report, we find Kurbatov's testimony of how the world turned his head as he searched for the truth about his daughter's death:

"I went to the investigative bodies many times and later to the court to find out what really happened and why my daughter died. All attempts were met with indifference… I was denied the request for new forensic expert opinions to clarify the connection between my daughter's death and the special forces' use of 'an unidentified chemical based on processed fentanyl'… Investigator for the prosecution in Moscow and head of the investigation team The case, Kaltsjuk, said the following to me: 'Your daughter was still alive when she arrived at the hospital, but the doctors could not save her life. So that the hospital would not be blamed, they therefore decided to destroy all the documents that had to do with your daughter. ' This is nothing but a mockery of the parents, who have not only lost a child, but also the meaning of living on. "

The parents' report is a judgment on our state. They provide evidence of a very serious crime against humanity, namely a violation of the Convention on Chemical Weapons. They claim that the gas attack was not absolutely necessary. The authorities had categorically rejected negotiations. No attempt was made to minimize the number of victims. The authorities broke the agreement to release the foreign hostages. Active resistance was provoked by the terrorists – many of them did not fall asleep, but shot around for 20 minutes.

In this country, the authorities repeatedly express a very distorted notion of what democracy is. For them, democracy means that they are not personally responsible for anything. It is the people who must be responsible for everything that happens – and they pay with their own lives.

Anna Politkovskaya was a journalist at the Novaya Gazeta in Moscow and wrote exclusively for Ny Tid.

The text was published in Ny Tid on June 9, 2006

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