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Fear and disgust in Moscow

The parents' report of the tragedy in the Dubrovka Theater is shameful reading.


[Russia] The parents who lost their children in one of the worst terrorist acts in recent times – when 912 people were taken hostage at the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow in the autumn of 2002 – have published a separate report on what happened. The parents have had to write the report themselves. An official investigation was launched by the prosecution in Moscow, but they have tried to erase the truth, distort it to the point of absurdity and obscure the role of President Vladimir Putin. It was the president who made the fateful decision to use toxic gas.

The parents miraculously gained access to the forensic statements about 117 of the 130 hostages who died, and have now documented that 68 did not receive any medical treatment. Among them were five children. Shock and shame is what you feel when you read the parents' report, where the doctors from the "emergency department" themselves describe it as. . .

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