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The fear of the bird virus

Norway has banned cage operations from 2012 for better animal health. But because of the bird flu, fresh organic birds are forced into closed halls. Norway's line is extreme, the British eco-organization believes.

[Bird flu] The tabloids and news broadcasts flood over for fear of bird flu. Children come home from kindergarten and have learned that it is dangerous to feed the ends in the park. When politicians are to act in such a situation, they must take some action to show that they are ready to protect the population from the impending threat.

Norway has introduced stricter measures to combat bird flu than our neighboring countries, although we have not detected the infection in the country. The losers are found in organic farming, among other things.

- Welcome inside! shouts Runar Sørlie. He is the fifth generation farmer's son at Skjeberg in Østfold, and has converted the farm to organic farming. 7500 white laying hens of the Lomann type. . .

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