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Fires up China

Why is Norway showing a rocket system to a communist dictatorship we do not want to sell weapons to?


[china] The Chinese chief of defense and eight of his highly decorated generals have just been to Norway discussing "common military areas of interest". Liang Guanglie has inspected HM Kongens Garde and studied rocket technology from Kongsberg weapons factory. Everything has happened without any of the Storting's defense politicians knowing about it. And it is happening despite the fact that Norway has a boycott of China.

A few weeks ago, Chinese authorities tried to dictate Norway's composition of a delegation to come to the country. The planned visit was part of a twelve-year human rights dialogue between Norway and China. China would refuse two representatives from Amnesty International to join the Norwegian group.

When this decision became a diplomatic mess, the Chinese authorities made a complete U-turn because they did not want to “damage the good relations. . .

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