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It turns quickly when Anne Britt Gran (in Ny Tid on Friday 28 October) will convince us that culture and industry are the new marriage we all have to deal with from now on. It is no longer possible to stick your head in the sand, Gran and she are upset that the undersigned and the environment around UKS, as well as the students at the Art Academy in Oslo, commented critically on BI and the KHiO Conference Art + Capital. Now there are several reasons why that particular conference (where Gran was responsible for the subject) provoked reactions. The entrance ticket, for example, cost 4000 kroner, which effectively ensured that the art students were not allowed to take part in the discussions about the future collaboration between art and capital. Enough about that.

In his introductory article, Gran understands why artists need to defend the freedom of art, autonomy and public support schemes: «Now not all artists and institutions the private business community will live with, and therefore public support schemes are very important to enable an artistic diversity". Then the pipe gets another sound – and that. . .

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