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Going crazy

Arnold Schwarzenegger now secures record numbers for stem cell research in the United States.


[grants] In their eagerness to distance himself from President George W. Bush, several states in the United States have now decided to strengthen their separate research grants. First out was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In response to the president's veto against stem cell research, he has allocated a staggering $ 150 million from his budget, equivalent to $ 930 million.

- Such research can not wait for a new president, until it is too important, one of his advisers explains to Ny Tid.

Last month, for the first time, Bush used his veto rights against a new law that would allow the use of state funding for stem cell research on fertilized eggs. However, the veto has had unexpected consequences. The unpopular president is on a collision course with over 70 percent of the population in this

the question.

For Schwarzenegger, support for stem cell research has helped strengthen his reputation as a moderate. . .

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