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Gartner Anxiety

Our politicians 'fear of reducing farmers' farmers is more important than development considerations.


[essay] Negotiations in the World Trade Organization (WTO) were recently resumed in India. At the center is the agricultural negotiations, which affect everyday life to 70 percent of the world's poor. In this light, the Norwegian shooting trench war on agriculture and the WTO as it appears in Norwegian media is a sad sight. So far, the only angle the large Norwegian media find worthwhile is to cover the one that represents Norwegian farmers as the main obstacle to development in the south.

In this case, however, old dichotomies must be thrown on the scrap heap of history. We need to master a balance art that creates holes in our customs walls tailored to the poorest countries, a political playing field that accepts solid customs walls on the poorest side, and subsidies on our side that support the right type of operation. All of this must be tied together by a powerful multilateral regime with feared sanctions mechanisms under the WTO.

Subsidies. . .

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