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- Give ESA a clear message about power

The challenges in the energy field are in line for the new government, but they have a good platform to work from, says Kjell Rønningsbakk, editor of KraftNytt.


One of those who has closely followed the work of the new red-green government is editor of the analysis and news service KraftNytt and Sver, Kjell Rønningsbakk.

After reviewing the government declaration, he believes that the red-green government has the best energy program ever presented by a government in Norway.

- There are plenty of SV positions here. The Conservatives lost the battle to facilitate the sale of our hydropower to the highest bidder. The current restitution scheme shall be maintained in such a way as to ensure public and national ownership. Now it remains to get the Minister of Petroleum and Energy to instruct the officials before he puts them on the plane to Brussels to negotiate with ESA, the EU's control body for the EEA agreement. There they will tell ESA that Norway became a member of the EEA in 1994. We have had the restitution scheme. . .

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