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Sparkling everyday humor

When you want to know what everyday life in Norway was like at the turn of the millennium, you will go to the comics for answers.


Be honest now: How many Norwegian novelists manage to portray everyday life so that readers recognize themselves and keep coming back for more? How many Norwegian contemporary novels influence their readers to such an extent that they see the protagonist as a close friend and role model? And how many fictional writers reach hundreds of thousands of readers on a daily basis? Sorry, Anne B. Ragde, Erlend Loe, Unni Lindell, Lars Saabye Christensen and Jo Nesbø, but you are about to be thanked by a bunch of cartoonists. When our descendants want to know more about what everyday life in Norway was like in 2005, they should go to newspaper series that pondus og Nemi.

Character sitcom

On the one hand, these are series that are so popular that only make them a cultural force you have to count on. Only the fifth pondus-the book is printed in a circulation of 70 copies, even though readers have already read the same series in the newspaper and the monthly booklet already. Only by virtue of their popularity do these series create a common frame of reference for those who read it. Teenagers can recognize themselves in Nemi, young adults fight to stay in adolescence with Rocky, the core families can reflect in Pondus, while we recognize the neighbors and random passers-by in the series. . .

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