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Global Map

The debate on trade and development creates new dividing lines. We need new political maps.


[chronicle] The Norwegian public needs something more than the traditional dichotomies to engage in vital political entrepreneurship. This is evident in this summer's debate on the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations. The map shows the positions in the WTO debate.

The map shows, among other things, that some solidarity organizations should be aware that they can reduce their own position to a useful piece in the power games of strong interest groups. The map also shows that some actors should sign up in the debate: where, for example, are SV's solidarity politicians? Where is AUF – which will form the power elite of the future – and who we know have strong opinions on this topic? And not least – where is the majority of aid organizations?

Following this summer's collapse in the WTO negotiations, the EU is currently in the process of concluding agreements with some of the world's poorest regions. The British aid organization Oxfam points in a recent report to an agreement the EU wants to establish with the region. . .

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