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The Rubber Rock is coming

Old bands don't put up, they just go to the festival.


[old music] There is a festival boom, and good times for Norwegian artists who manage to break the sound wall. The classic Norwegian tour in the wake of this autumn's album release is about to become history, now it's time to get out on the summer country road. And who foams the cream, tops the posters and runs off with the bulk of the booking budget? It is the rockers who have passed 40 years.

This weekend DumDum Boys plays at the Storås Festival in Sør-Trøndelag, Di Derre plays at Baderock in Sandefjord and Raga Rockers tops the Moon Festival in Fredrikstad. In the summer of 2006 we celebrate as if it is 1994, with the Seigmen at Trænafestivalen and the Slottsfjell festival in Tønsberg, Raga Rockers in Tønsberg and at the Fjellpark festival in Flekkefjord, and Pogo Pops, Vamp and Clawfinger at the Stavern festival.

It is no problem for rockers to get older, when the audience also gets older, richer and more concerned with reminiscing about adolescence during the summer holidays. After Turboneger waved the banknotes they received for their reunion concerts, and then experienced adventurous success with new studio albums, a steady stream of retired rock bands have been tempted to play concerts, release compilations and record new music. DumDum Boys has sold 70.000 copies of the comeback album Gravitasjon, and will do so this summer. . .

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