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Haga – no bully of class


I have a great sense of Steinar Lem, but I think he misses when he portrays Åslaug Haga as the great environmental enemy (Ny Tid no. 33). Brief justification:

Haga participates in a government coalition that has gone to elections including on strengthening the railway, and dropping a new highway E18 between Asker and Oslo. The garden leads our worst highway and our most hostile party; his party partner Kenneth Svendsen has stated rightly that the Bergensbanen should be closed down.

The Haga Party is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, albeit far less than the UN Climate Panel has estimated is necessary for Norway. The garden party denies all climate research. Chairman Hagen himself said (at a meeting in Øygarden 10 / 8-1997): "The UN Climate Panel consists of people who have decided to suck money out of the treasuries in different countries, by scaring people with climate problems. They propagate and instill in people their cynical claims. "

I totally agree with Lem that Sp. special form of "protection" of Norwegian fauna is bad, but even here Haga can not compare with Hagen: "When he talks about predators, he talks about wasps. He doesn't understand all this wolf and bear care.

- I usually kill mosquitoes and wasps, me. Slap, then they're gone. I do not understand why we should not kill the wolf as well. It is then in no way beneficial to humans. Should a wolf be more valuable than a wasp. There is then no reason to preserve the wolves. " (Aftenposten 30 / 8-97).

Chairman Hagen's party is Norway's (and perhaps Europe's) clearest exponent of unrestricted motorism, overconsumption and anti-environment, including endangered species extinction. In relation to Hagen, Haga is in the 3rd division as an environmental politician.

Pål Jensen

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