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Hamas is the perfect answer to Israel's strategy

Sometimes, one would wish that political metaphors were not so thin. For the result of the Palestinian elections last Wednesday was exactly the "political earthquake" that the world has summarized afterwards.

[Palestine] Over one week after, the worst shock has subsided. The international community has replaced condemnation and confusion with the search for a new strategy vis-à-vis Hamas. Respect for democratic elections has been one of the fig leaves. That Hamas must renounce terrorist acts and recognize Israel has been the unified and absolute demands.

But few have spoken highly about Hamas's perfect response to the Israeli strategy.

Political program

When considering different scenarios for the further conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, it is striking how the two parties complement each other, as two pieces in a puzzle no one dares to put.

Make a very unlikely hypothesis, namely that real peace negotiations will start. Then again, the demand will come for the Palestinians to give up all forms of terrorism, be it rocket attacks or suicide bombings.

No one is more suited to meet such a demand than the group that has most clearly and most systematically insisted on their right to the weapon. . .

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