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Harder asphalt

Buds no longer burst, they explode.


It has never been super easy to be young. Here are two Norwegian books and one German film that indicate that things have gotten even worse. And that reason lies somewhere in a cave of violence, drugs and absent fathers.

The little podiums are apparently losing their various types of innocence ever before, and the bleak statistics are rising faster than you can say "closed down youth club". It is in light of this widespread notion of youth cruelty that we can read Harald Rosenløw Eeg's Everything But Curriculum, Annette Münch's Chaos Warrior, and see German Detlev Buck's cinematic Knallhardt !. They are all about angry, young men walking on the jungle jungle, and about their attempts to linger on their feet. Without dad.

The literature of the great titles

I remember when I discovered that something had changed on the covers of. . .

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