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Better Telenor than Bangladesh?

Full free trade in all services – is it a goal of a red-green government? SV and the Center Party say no, the Labor Party yes.


"What is good for Telenor and Statoil is good for the world – and at least for Norway."

So far, this has been Norway's line in the GATS negotiations, the negotiations on more free trade in services.

The Center Party and the SV want any red-green government to withdraw all requirements that Norway has set for poor countries to open important service areas for foreign competition. It is unclear whether the Labor Party agrees.

The party's industrial policy spokesman, Olav Akselsen, categorically rejects that the party will make such demands. Jens Stoltenberg is more obscure.

The parliament does not know, but ...

The program of the Labor Party states that the party wants to "National authorities are not forced to privatize public welfare goods, for example in the sectors of education, health, energy and water supply, and that Norway does not make such demands on poor countries".

Jens Stoltenberg writes in the Nation (August 23) that if the Bondevik government has made such demands, claims can be deducted if the Labor Party comes into government. But at the same time he writes that "The Storting is not aware of whether the government has actually made such demands" .

Everyone who wants to know, knows

At “The Storting is not familiar with…” is both right and wrong. It is true – and strongly criticized – that the government did not want to publish. . .

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