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Spring is the time of translated literature.

Spring is the time for the rest of the world, for those who are walking the narrow road, and for all the good books that are not Dan Brown or Paulo Coelho, and that maybe just a few are sold.

- The autumn is almost reserved for the Norwegian authors, no matter what quality they deliver, says information coordinator Karine Kristiansen in Bazar publishing house to Ny Tid.

- I like the book spring better than the book autumn, precisely because this is the time for the well-translated books, says reviewer in Vårt Land, Liv Riiser, to Ny Tid.

The publishers' spring lists offer Norwegian readers many unknown names. For those who need a knowledgeable hand to rent along this road, several publishing houses carry their own series where translated authors not named Dan Brown or JK Rowling can show up.

She deliberately looks at the publishers' series for new literature from foreign authors when she is about to review new books. Aschehoug has the Nova series, Gyldendal has the Marg series, and Solum has the Fabula series.

- Here I find from experience many hidden treasures, says Riiser.

The Fabula series counts as far as 25 works written in the twentieth century. These are books that are, or according to director Knut Solem of Solem publishing house should have been, modern classics.

- These books have a completely different cycle than current ones. . .

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