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Holding Hezbollah accountable


[Ambassador] – We are very sorry for all the children who are killed in Lebanon. Every child who is killed is bad. But this is war, says Ambassador Miryam Shomrat at the Israeli embassy in Oslo.

She puts all the responsibility for the Hezbollah civil losses and their supporters in Syria and Iran.

- When Hezbollah attacks Israel, we have the right to defend ourselves. It is not our intention to kill civilians, and we do everything in our power to avoid it. But Hezbollah has placed its missiles and headquarters among civilians. They have taken the Lebanese hostage and are using them as a living shield, says Shomrat.

She is crass in the criticism of Jan Egeland's statements about violations of international law.

- I would like to remind Egeland that according to international law it is not allowed to attack a neighboring country, as Hezbollah did. I want to ask Egeland where he was when the UN, through resolutions in the Security Council, decided that militias in Lebanon had to be disarmed. Where was he when Hezbollah aimed its 12.000 rockets at Israel, Shomrat asks.

- No responsible government can tolerate such a threat as Hezbollah poses to its citizens, the ambassador concludes.

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