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Holocaust director supports Bosnia investigation

Odd-Bjørn Fure at the Holocaust Center supports the demand for an investigation into Norway's role in Bosnia. Dutch investigations confirm that Norwegian officer stayed on holiday in Norway when Srebrenica fell, in contrast to allegations of pressure in VG.


- Yes, I support the demand for an investigation of Norway's role in Bosnia, says history professor Odd-Bjørn Fure, director of the Holocaust Center in Villa Grande on Bygdøy (Center for Studies of the Holocaust and the Position of Religious Minorities in Norway).

The history professor tells Ny Tid that this case is central to both the center's and his personal field of interest.

- The ethnic cleansing and massacres in Bosnia, and not least the massacre in Srebrenica, are the most extensive collapse of civilization in Europe after the Second World War. When such a catastrophe occurred, it is a very timely requirement that the role that Norwegian representatives played in these incidents be subjected to a thorough investigation, Fure believes.

Morgenbladet's editor Alf van der Hagen wrote in last week's editorial that he supported such an investigation of Norway's role in the Bosnia war. The demand for an investigation was first put forward by Balkan expert Svein Mønnesland and philosophy professor Arne Johan Vetlesen after an article in Ny Tid from 29 July. Ny Tid has revealed that the Dutch soldiers in Srebrenica were under the command of the Norwegian officer Hagrup Haukland, and that the Dutch investigation of the Srebrenica massacre thought that it was "unfortunate" that Thorvald Stoltenberg became a peace mediator in Bosnia.

Critical to Stoltenberg

Fure has gladly read philosophy professor Arne Johan Vetlesen's post in Ny Tid, and shares his views and criticism of, among others, Thorvald. . .

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