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Here the spruce trees have david stars, crescents and crosses.

[new york, usa] I feel a bit like BBC's Alistair Cooke, who for 58 years wrote Letter from America for BBC listeners across the Atlantic. I just moved to New York City and am going to celebrate Christmas here. That is, it feels like I am celebrating both Jewish Hanukkah, Muslim Eid and Christian Christmas, all at the same time. A delightful mix sprung to the best of what the golden age of American commercialism can offer.

- You do not happen to be Jewish, are you, a young boy with a kipa on his head asks me along Madison Avenue. I answer no, but wish him a good Hanukkah celebration. He invites Jews in New York to his congregation to celebrate the holiday together, he explains to me.

- Eid mubarik, says my Iraqi shoemaker, I know it's a little early but I do not know if we will see you again before Eid, he says and smiles.

- Merry Christmas! Have an awesome one, Jamaican Lucie wants me and hands me my Starbucks coffee latte extra shot skimmed milk ginger bread flavor (which by the way is not recommended).

Hanukkah, Christmas and eid cards are sold in the shops. . .

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