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What would Erik do differently than Hilde?

The government platform negotiated on Soria Moria offers a new course – also in development policy. It will be tough to follow.


SV's Erik Solheim has been given the job as the new Minister of Development – and is facing a demanding and formidable task. How will he solve it? Maybe the proposals for changes in the state budget that the Stoltenberg government will present next week will also give us some answers to what Erik wants that his predecessor, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, did not want?

In a large interview with the new minister in the latest issue of Norad's magazine Assistance News, however, he is more concerned with giving praise to Hilde than to stake out the new course in the future. He says, among other things:

"The goal is to do what she has done even better, plus we will start with some new things."

Hilde Frafjord Johnson has been a knowledgeable, committed and skilled Minister for Development Aid who has helped to put development policy on the agenda at home and abroad. In that sense, she has put the list high for her successor. It would be great if Solheim can match Hilde on that level, but in the first place that is not what should be his main focus? There will be no "new course" with more of the same, plus. . .

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