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White men with buckles

Is it easier to buy sex when the prostitutes are "the others"?


[chronicle] In recent years there has been a strong focus on making Norwegian prostitution reality more international. But Norwegian men's prostitution habits have in reality been international for a long time: They have bought sex abroad, perhaps more sex than they have bought in Norway, something we must remember in the debate about globalization and prostitution.

Norwegian men buy sex from non-Norwegian women both at home and abroad. But very little attention has been paid to the motives men have when buying sex from different groups of women. In the prostitution environments, however, women with different backgrounds tell about differences in customer bases. It is about doing your niche now, if you do not want to compete on price. This is about how the women dress and what they say, but also about where they say they are from and who they say they are.

Not just gender.

The literature that exists about prostitution clients is primarily about the reasons why someone buys. . .

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