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White niggers


[slave trade] It is politically incorrect to point out that the Arab world also engaged in the slave trade, Weekendavisen wrote recently, in a review of Marc Ferro's (ed.) Colonialism's black book: 500 years of crime. The book is about half a millennium of slavery, initiated and practiced by the British, Dutch, French and other Westerners. Nevertheless, he did, the reviewer Fredrik Stjernfelt: He called on the Muslims in the overview work on the countless humiliations, mass murders and deportations of colonialism. Bravely done, we should probably think. Denmark is the country that speaks Mecca opposite. Sharp headlights are supposed to scare the ghosts out of the Muslims. But Stjernfelt has a point – under certain conditions. In certain contexts.

Denmark is the country that speaks Mecca opposite.

"My stay in Algiers is the best thing that has happened to me, I thought," writes Erik Bakken Olafsen in one of last year's most sensational debuts. Koranoid is about a Norwegian ship doctor who in the 1700th century was captured and chose to convert to Islam. The chapter culminates in anything but realism and the morale is unclear, but for thousands of Norwegian and Danish sailors, the "barbarism" in North Africa was really enough. Some remained slaves, some were freed and still others chose to convert – either for pragmatic reasons, because they were liberated, or because they perceived the Muslim countries as far more tolerant than pietistic "at home". This is not politically incorrect to point out, as long as it is also mentioned that Denmark-Norway is in seventh place among the world's foremost slave nations.

The black bog of colonialism also throws out numbers: Between the 1500 century and the 1800 century, 18 millions of slaves were shipped away by Europeans, but the authors reckon that around as many were sold by Arab slave drivers from the 1000 century to the 1900 century. Ergo, both sides are just as bad, according to Weekendavisen. That's wrong. Not only did the western countries colonize their sources of income in the colonies and were far more systematic and brutal, but also a color vision was the basis of slavery that the Arab lacked. Where British lords thought dark-skinned people were worth less, the Sultan of Istanbul thought the same about Christians. First, it's impossible to do anything about, admits even Michael Jackson. The second is a will.

But it makes little sense to lobotomize heads with numbers. The point is that there is hardly any article in Weekendavisen for the time being that does not attempt to outdo the former in political inaccuracy. It is a sign of illness. The portraits of Prophet Mohammed would not have attracted attention either, had it not been for the country to be Denmark, the newspaper was the Jutland Post and the purpose was to provoke. Just search the internet. Mohammed can also be so pretty.

Star field is not an island. He does not write his article in a void.

Communism's black book, the forerunner, was about the misdeeds of communism, not the sexual life of US presidents. Our fault is "our" fault, as long as the climate is as it is. Then we can long for the world to stop dividing into communism versus capitalism, the West against Islam and bad eating. Then our common guilt is doubled, though. But our conscience becomes so pure that even God and Allah will struggle to see the difference between us. n

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