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"Dealing with illiberal states is a chronic problem"

Power, Order and Change – in World Politics
Forfatter: John Ikenberry
USA / We've talking to John Ikenberry about 'after victory moments'. Is there any real incentive for the powerful state to spend money to rebuild and foster better order? The liberal international vision is not globalism, it is intergovernmentalism.

After virtually all conflicts – and especially after major wars – it has proved crucial how the victory was handled. John Ikenberry, a professor of political science at Princeton University, has been working extensively on the subject for many years, and in 2001 he wrote the book. After Victory where he explains his theories. It happens through a deep analysis of three great “after victory moments,” as he describes it, as we meet in his office at the university. He read the situation closely in 1815, ie just after the Napoleonic Wars, in 1919 after the First World War and in 1945 after the end of the Second World War. And he relates this to the situation immediately after the end of the Cold War.

Liberal institutionalist

Ikenberry is what in political science is called liberal. . .

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