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The hybrid's outfit

A Korean suit was wrong. Margrethe Sandvand just as well created a folk costume for adopted Norwegians.

[fashion] The Norwegian national costume is based on costumes from the 1700th and 1800th centuries, when fashion in Norway was not only limited by access to materials, but also geographically by the parish. It was in the church that they met and looked at each other. Today, clothing designers buy fabric from Beijing and draw inspiration from Senegal – or Seoul.

Margrethe Sandvand was adopted from South Korea, and during her upbringing, she noticed the outside world's special relationship with the national costume, which was not only a garment, but a symbol.

- The costume will show who you are, but I could not find a suit that suited me, she says.

In the confirmation, she posed in "Hanbok", the Korean bunad.

- You do not get it on me today, it is as wrong for me as the bunad.

In 2005, Sandvand launched a third alternative, a suit that shows exactly what she is: Norwegian – and Korean. The entrepreneur has picked the best from the two nations' party costumes, and the result is Norwegian shirt sleeves in Korean silk. Brooch in the neck, and wide belly belt. Vest with Norwegian cut, but decorated with. . .

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