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Now the Minister of Justice will visit Trandum. It's about time.


[28. April 2006] In the summer of 2002, Ny Tid reported for the first time on the treatment of asylum seekers at Trandum immigration boarding school at Gardermoen. Our journalist was the first to get in behind the barbed wire fences to look at the place where foreigners are waiting to be sent out of the country. We now know that some have been waiting for Trandum for over a year, under conditions intended for one-day stays.

At that time, the then municipal minister, Erna Solberg, confirmed that among other 412 children had so far been in custody on the spot. She felt that the boarding school is well-organized for families with children, indicated that it is permissible to imprison asylum seekers with unknown identities or who fear being evicted, and stated that no one should ever sit in Trandum for more than 14 days.

Since then, the Council of Europe's torture committee has visited Trandum and commented negatively on several occasions on a number of matters at the boarding school. In a report published in April, the committee takes a particularly hard line against the so-called "security section", one of two departments. . .

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