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Ibsen at the pyramids

In recent decades, Egyptian soap operas have been dominated by strong women figures, women like Nora.

[chronicle] «In time a realization arises; people get closer to each other; the distance between the unknown and the pocket-known becomes smaller – and all in all, the one who has traveled a lot around – will end up having the experience that nations in their inner cores, nowhere near turn out to be so fundamentally different as one tended to believe beforehand. "

This is how Ibsen described his feelings and thoughts when he visited Egypt in 1869. I am in Cairo. The year is 2006 – a hundred years after Ibsen died. Maybe Ibsen was sitting here by the banks of the Nile when he wrote his memoirs, as I sit here now. Maybe not.

It is difficult to know whether Ibsen would have recognized himself in today's Egypt. The streets are different, the houses are different and the people. . .

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