Theater of Cruelty

- Not on CIA missions

The plane that landed at Gardermoen on July 20 this year was not commissioned by state US authorities, was modestly received by the Foreign Ministry when they met representatives of the US embassy in Oslo.


On Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a meeting with the American ambassador to Norway, where the question of the Gulfstream aircraft that landed at Gardermoen on 20 July was raised. In the previous edition, Ny Tid was able to point out that the aircraft with the registration number "N50BH" took off from Gardermoen at 19.22 on 20 July. Then it set course for Le Bourget Airport near Paris.

"N50BH" has been linked to CIA operations several times, and overviews obtained by Ny Tid from landings at Guantanamo Bay show that the plane has landed at the military base at least seven times since 2001.

Press spokeswoman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anne Lene Dale Sandsten, tells Ny Tid that they asked for a meeting with the embassy to find out if "N50BH" was on assignment for the CIA or state US authorities.

- The embassy points out that the plane was not commissioned by the US authorities on July 20 during the stopover at Gardermoen, says Dale Sandsten. This means that the plane must not have been commissioned by the state CIA either.

Anne Lene Dale Sandsten emphasizes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes this matter seriously.

- As we have mentioned earlier, the Norwegian authorities have no reason to believe that the American authorities have violated Norwegian regulations. The embassy also promised to investigate the status of the overflights over Norwegian territory with any state American aircraft, or civilian aircraft that have been on state assignments.

The US embassy will give priority to the case, says Anne Lene Dale Sandsten.

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