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Don't vote for a climate bully!


Now it's election campaign and the parties are fighting over your and my vote. At the same time, we see Katrina and the huge disaster taking place in the United States. Climate change is dangerous, unfair and already underway. Even before Katrina, more people escaped from natural disasters than from war. The problem only increases. Still, our politicians are discussing how to increase our emissions even more. Should we build polluting gas power plants? Should we build even more roads? Should we sell gasoline for 8 kroner a liter? Politicians need to start thinking about the outcome of what they are doing. And we also have to think about what we get when we vote. So vote for the most environmentally friendly parties! Don't give Frp, Right or Labor Party your vote! If in doubt: check www. Here, Nature and Youth have made an overview of what the various parties and parliamentary candidates think about the environment. Have a good choice!

Ingunn Parker Bekkhus is on the Central Board for Nature and Youth

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