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India as a role model


On Tuesday, India lit candles on the occasion of the annual Diwali celebration, the Great Light Fest. The holiday came just three days after 59 innocent children, women and men were killed by bombs in New Dehli on Saturday.

The terrorist attacks did not come out of the blue. Hundreds of Indians have lost their lives in terrorist attacks in recent years. The interesting thing is how Indian society – the media, politicians, the people – react to the attacks on civilians in shopping streets in their own capital. And here both Europeans and Norwegians generally have a lot to learn in a rational approach.

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was clear in his condemnation of the terrorist attacks

Pakistan spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam, in turn, assured that Pakistan will pursue any responsible terrorists who may be in the country. This exchange in itself testifies to the new climate of cooperation between India and Pakistan, which has also been instrumental in strengthening the devastating earthquake a few weeks ago.

It can be assumed that the terrorist attacks were intended to destroy the ongoing approach to Kashmir, this border area became a conflict when the British divided India and in 1947 left the area after their occupation. But India. . .

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