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India wants Norwegian rock

Last weekend, the multicultural Musikk-Norge showed muscles at the Mela festival, but it was unattractive to Indian festival manager Amit Saigal. He prefers rock bands like Satyricon and Madrugada.


It was the fourth Mela festival at Rådhusplassen in Oslo. Norwegian artists such as Samsaya, Equicez and Mira Craig shared the stage with Pakistani and Indian pop stars such as Atif Aslam, Apache Indian and Najam Sheraz. The festival, which started as a Norwegian-Pakistani event in 2001, has developed into a joint parade for the multicultural Norway, and on the music front it goes in traditional music, jazz, hip hop, r & b and reggae. Not a rock band is to be seen.

A few days earlier, the Indian festival and concert organizer Amit Saigal (40) walks around the streets of Oslo. He is looking for Norwegian bands for the annual The Great Indian Rock Festival, one of India's largest rock festivals. He is not interested in Norwegian variants of hip hop, reggae and Indian raga music,. . .

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