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The individualists who would like to flock

The SV members demand to be involved in creating the policy. If the SV leadership wants to stay in government for many years, then the party must be built.


SV's entry into the irrationals of power is not only new to the party, it is new to the whole of political Norway. None of today's politicians have participated in this before. For the first time in ten years, a political party will try for the first time in government.

None of today's politicians can give Kristin Halvorsen or anyone else in the SV good advice on what it is like to get into this position without any old ring fox to get their support and comfort from.

When Kjell Magne Bondevik appeared in the castle square in 1997 with his Center Government, one of the spectators was his old friend, collaborator and former Prime Minister Lars Korvald. The Center Party's Anne Enger Lahnstein could get both praise and reprimands from former Prime Minister Per Borten or his predecessor in the role of party leader and one of the most talented negotiators in the Storting for several decades, Johan J. Jakobsen. The Liberal Party's Lars Sponheim was only happy to have got the party into the Storting and not. . .

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