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"No Miss Jobs"

[media] TV 2 recently announced that they have figured out who will take over the chair in the channel after Kåre Vallebrokk. Being the editor-in-chief of TV 2 is not a miss job, Vallebrokk claimed at a meeting at the Oslo Journalist Club before Christmas, and not unexpectedly his heiress is a man.

TV 2 rarely dares to do something that NRK has not tried before. Unlike TV 2, NRK, with its licensing revenue, is less dependent on high viewership all the time, and thus can afford to experiment a bit. TV 2, on the other hand, is dependent on advertising revenue. For this reason, NRK must experiment first, before TV 2 can collect. NRK has never had a female broadcaster, and thus TV 2 does not dare to place a woman on top.

TV 2's incoming boss is a former active Labor Party member. . .

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