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No Indian for booths

There is glowing interest in Indian books elsewhere in Europe. In Norway, it is freezing.


[books] 70 Indian authors and 173 Indian publishers went to Frankfurt in October, where for the first time in 20 years, India was the main theme during the autumn book fair. In Germany, there is talk of an India hype, with 50 translated books from India's around 24 regional languages ​​just this year. So will Norway be flooded with books from and about India next year? Or?

- The development will not affect the Norwegian book market at all, unless an Indian book becomes an international bestseller of the type God for small things by Arundhati Roy. Or an author is frequently referred to as an important new voice, like Pankaj Mishra. By the way, he has not yet been translated into Norwegian, says Jan Kjærstad to Ny Tid.

Nor does Kjell Olaf Jensen, leader of the Norwegian Pen, think we will get any India wave in Norway.

- I do not have the impression that Norwegian publishers go to Frankfurt to study the country that is presented, they rather meet the same colleagues they meet every year, Jensen believes.

- Sad stuff

In Sweden, the largest publishers are criticized for lagging behind, but at the same time several books with an Indian theme will be published this autumn by Swedish authors, from Zac O'Yeah's burlesque crime novel Tandooriälgen – where Gothenburg has changed its name to Indian Gautampuri – to reportage books, anthologies . . .

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