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Integration – the value struggle of New Time


Ny Tid's main article in the previous issue on the Human Rights Service, over a total of five pages, concludes in a leading position that HRS is not needed in the debate on integration.

I must honestly admit that I personally experience Ny Tid's editorial as a new attack on my human dignity. I was born in Norway to Pakistani parents. Unfortunately, I am one of the many who have felt in body and soul several key issues HRS has put on the agenda. But I, and others with similar experiences in HRS, are disqualified by Ny Tid from the further public debate.

Norwegian integration policy has undoubtedly cost both my loved ones and myself dearly. Experience has given us a basis for believing that policy should change significantly. The views of religious spokesmen, such as Athar Akram of the Muslim Student Society and editor of Young Muslim, do not seem to be just that. . .

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